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eternityblues-deactivated201409 said: What do you want to fulfill in life? Do you have any personal goals? What are the top four things you'd like to accomplish?


This is a really good question that has had me thinking for a while now. In wrapping the 3 questions into 1; these are my current four personal goals I’d like to accomplish in life.

1. Work hard and with love. My parents are the kinds of people who will work 10-12 hour weekdays and then spend weekends volunteering at homeless shelters. They’re not judgmental, and don’t expect me to do the same, but in admiring how much love and strength they put into life, they inspire me to want to live my life with that much love and strength too.

2. Be open in letting people know what I appreciate about them and being perceptive.  There are so many amazing people and things in this world that inspire me. I’d like to be more brave in letting people know what’s so fantastic about them, whether it’s family, friends, or strangers on the street. In short: defy the greater context of The Beatles’ lyric “You’ve got to hide your love away”. I also want to be more perceptive and consistent when it comes to people needing help. Though I was the only one to stop and help a woman who crashed her car into a freezing canal a few years back, I recently failed to call the police when a girl was yelling from being beaten up about 40 feet from my window. It sounded like roller-coaster screams, so I thought it might be the sound of someone getting a drunk piggy-back ride from the party-house next door. (NOTE: Please scream “HELP” if you’re ever in an emergency so as not to leave people guessing). Anyways, I was, and am still, furious with myself for letting that extra time pass until someone else called the police. I don’t care if I’m accused of being nosy in the future, I don’t want to let it happen again.

3. If it happens: First, intentionally and consistently work at being a great husband, and second, intentionally and consistently work at being a great father. I’m up for rolling with whatever life throws at me; single, married, kids, no kids, et cetera, but I do think being a husband and father are roles that are very important. There’s a quote that’s something like, “We spend our entire adult lives trying to recover from our childhoods.” For this reason, I think it’s very important to be the best parent one can be. We only get one childhood. However, kids live with you for about 18 years or so and will likely then have families of their own, so I think being a great companion is even more important. Ideally, one’s spouse is that person one wakes up to each morning and falls asleep with each night; one’s best friend and teammate. If you get that right, you’ve got a truly great thing going.

4. Save enough money for new knees. My knees are currently alright, but I took it hard on them from skateboarding so much in my early teen years. No doubt, 50 years down the road will leave me with creaky legs. Thankfully, there are clinical trials going on where physicians use stem cells to regrow people’s knee caps and surrounding tissues. I want ‘em! I know it’s an odd goal, but I think it will make the difference between me being a 75 year old in pain all the time or a 75 year old who enjoys snorkeling and moon-walking.