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Anonymous said: You are adorable. You must have some flaws.

Thanks! Haha, of course. Here we go: I…

  • am chronically late.
  • don’t tell my family that I love them enough.
  • start new projects before finishing older ones.
  • am apathetic when it comes to people venting about everyday problems.
  • think too many steps ahead of the current one.
  • wear contacts.
  • am too guarded at that level of flirting that lets a girl know you want to kiss her.
  • often forget to introduce friends to other friends at parties/shows.
  • have akward sleeping patterns. I might sleep from midnight to noon one day and 5 a.m. to 8a.m. the next. I destroyed my sleeping cycle in college after pulling at least one all-nighter each week to finish massive weekly reports. This is definitely what I’m fighting the hardest with right now.
  • go off on tangents quite often when having discussions.
  • have dull taste buds, so I don’t appreciate the tastes of foods as much as other folks do.
  • can’t grow a full beard.
  • have a nose that runs a lot when it’s cold outside.
  • am a perfectionist. I don’t expect to get things right the first time, but I do expect to recover from failure as many times as needed to finally accomplish something. (This leads to me spending too much time on simple tasks and not giving up as soon as I should sometimes.)
  • am an information addict. I’ll spend hours reading Wikipedia articles at random.
  • And on and on with being human :)